Sexual violence as a 'weapon of war and armed conflict] ... drone's largest DJI, set to fly the Islamic State ...

Sexual violence as a 'weapon of war and armed conflict] ... DJI of the drone manufacturer's largest, so that the company made drone can not fly the Islamic State (ISIS) activity area, was set by the virtual fence, Iraq, in the no-fly airspace to Syria sky. However, ISIS of the drone is not at all made of DJI. Terrorists based in the Middle East recently, equipped with a simple explosives to commercial drone, there is a tendency that has been remodeled into a small bomber. But the world's largest drone manufacturers, trying to stave off this situation. In the last year of the US Department of Defense announced, but combatants of the Islamic State (ISIS) it was found that decide to use the drone as a new weapon, drone with a destructive power in the United States have been used for many years. However, instead of the expensive drones equipped with missiles, ISIS is equipped with explosives by modifying a commercially available drone, it began to use as a device to drop explosives on the flying bomb, or target. This year, announced the situation to ISIS, to develop unmanned airplane mujahideen (Islamic Mujahideen) is used, claimed that causes the death or injury of the Iraqi soldiers of the people in a week by using a drone.

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